Be inspired by our Education Model

Blended education, anywhere in the country, regardless of whether your doorstep is rural or metro. Simply put, this program accommodates your location and your schedule like no other program out there.

No travel, hotel, food, or extraneous fees including time away from your practice. Concentrate on what really matters to you and focus on the way to learn skills more efficiently.

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Main Features

We've created training packages with everything that you'll need for your training which nicely accommodates your online education. Our Doorstep education model is unique, proven and practical. Here is what you get when receiving our unique package:

Complete Solution

No need to wait for a regional event. We bring everything to you!

Concierge Education

Online courses allow you to learn at will and you always have a front row view.

Concierge Training

Doorstep training enables you to gain skills, regardless of your schedule or location.

Archetype concept

A concept similar to what one experiences right after medical school. Because it works!

Our Experience Leaves Nothing to Chance

Why Our Doorstep Training Model?

Six important reasons why the blended education model is the best way to learn something new to give better patient outcomes and help grow your practice.


Confidence in application prior to welcoming a patient into your clinical space by first gaining hands-on experience.


Some insurers require scope of license or scope of practice proof prior to accepting submittal for payment. A great educational course and hands-on training helps to accomplish this.

Front seat

Home turf education & training means that you always have a front row seat whatever your schedule demands.


No time off, hotel or travel expenses incurred - online education and training brought to your doorstep.

Avoid failure

Avoid personal injury attorneys pursuing claims of negligent failure to adequately educate and train, as it is becoming more common place and credible.


Lectures impart knowledge, while training imparts skill.

You Always Get the Best Concierge Service