Microlabs Training Kit

Regarding physician or clinician training, everything that you'll need will accompany your Microlabs Training Kit including: equipment, medical supplies, human tissue, plus set up/break down and return instructions.


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How It Works

It's simple. Follow the steps below. If you have any other questions, email us or call.

Step 1

Please carefully read our Term&Conditions disclaimer. It conveys important information regarding what must be agreed to prior to ordering the training. You will be prompted to verify that you are in agreement during the ordering process.

Step 2

Go to Order page. From there, select which training services that you want. You will be able to place your order with a credit card through our encripted secure connection.

Step 3

When you are finished or close to being finished with the course, schedule your training. Once we receive your weekend preferences, we will select a final training date from your choices and confirm the date with an email. A couple of days before we ship your Microlabs Kit, we will contact you to confirm that everything is a go.